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We started as an importer and exporter of grains in the East Africa region, providing small and large scale clients with high quality produce in the major towns in the region.

In expanding our business to include the fresh produce segment, we commit to maintain the same principles that have defined our business to date.

We work with prefinanced contracted farmers  across the region to ensure a constant and adequate supply of fresh produce under conventional and organic farming.

In addition we are working with farmer co-operatives to sensitise farmers on the best practices when farming at small and medium scale.


Fruits and vegetables., beautifully made with Generative AI




Spices and herbs in wooden bowl adorn table generated by artificial intelligence



We take quality and safety as important principles of our business. We comply with not our internal standards but with local and international
best practices and standards. Our certifications have international recognition of conformity for all our products, processes and services.

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Rhapta Heights, Rhapta Road

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